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Starbucks Color-Changing Reusable Cups 2019

Prepare to Lose Your Minds, Iced-Coffee-Lovers: Starbucks Released Color-Changing Cups

Friendly PSA: the line at your local Starbucks may be longer than usual in the coming weeks. On top of the fact that the coffee chain just brought back its fan-favorite S'mores Frappuccino and gave the Dragon Drink a spot on the permanent menu, Starbucks is adding even more fuel to the fire by oh-so-casually releasing new tumblers — color-changing ones, that is.

Available in the US and Canada starting April 30, these reusable cups magically change hues when cold liquid is added, making for an ombré masterpiece you won't want to tear your eyes away from. They're totally worth waiting in mile-long lines for, as far as we're concerned — especially because you save 10 cents when ordering a handcrafted cold Starbucks drink with one of these on hand. Score!

The eco-friendly beverage vessels hold up to 24 fluid ounces and come in a set that costs $16.95 and includes five cups, lids, and straws you can mix and match until you find the color combination that's perfect for the 'gram. Here's a quick rundown on the five color options and how they transform when iced coffee (or whatever cold sip you prefer) is poured in:

  • Rose: light pink to coral red
  • Citron: yellow to emerald green
  • Sky: light blue to cobalt blue
  • Apricot: light orange to tangerine
  • Arctic: teal to raspberry pink

Much like Starbucks's wildly popular reusable holiday cups, these color-changing tumblers are already flying off the shelves, so you may have to visit a few spots to successfully nab one of the sets. May the odds be ever in your favor!

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