Starbucks may be generously giving back to the community, but it's a bit more tight-fisted when it comes to labor and production costs. As part of a drive to save the coffee giant $400 million by September, Starbucks announced Tuesday its stores will stop regularly brewing decaffeinated coffee after 12 p.m. The company said in a statement:

For many of our stores, the demand for decaf is greatly reduced in the afternoon. With our current standard of continually brewing decaf after 12 p.m. regardless of demand, we have seen a high amount of waste.

This cost-cutting measure is one among many that have recently been implemented, including brewing smaller pots of coffee. The company also plans to slash 6,700 jobs and close 300 more stores.

So far this announcement has received lots of negative press, and I can see why: This business decision seems contrary to all logic. Personally, I only drink coffee in the afternoon if it's decaf — and in the morning, I'll only drink joe if it's got caffeine. Do you agree that it doesn't seem to make sense? Or is this a smart decision for Starbucks?