In a last-minute change of heart, Starbucks has decided to keep its breakfast sandwiches on the menu. Last January the coffee giant announced that it would be pulling all of its breakfast sandwiches from stores this September. The reason? Their pungent smell interfered with the in-store coffee aroma. Now, Starbucks says it plans to modify the sandwich recipe, swapping the cheese and using less butter:

We are not reversing our decision to replace the breakfast sandwiches, but rather we are continuing to evolve our food offerings. We have found small ingredient changes that address the aroma issues of our current breakfast sandwiches, and have implemented these already.

This change comes in light of Starbucks's many Wall Street woes, which include closing 600 stores and trying to gain smoothie market share. No doubt the website that's petitioning to keep the hot breakfast item is ecstatic about the development. What are your thoughts?