As you know — or maybe found out on accident — Starbucks retrained its employees last night. So did it help?

I did a very unscientific poll at the Sugar HQ, and the responses ranged from "I didn't notice anything different" to "Totaaaalllly. It was 100 percent better tasting." Several folks thought the staff seemed more cheerful, but they thought perhaps it was because of the nice weather. Sort of a mixed bag really, but not one complaint.

However if there had been complaints, there's a new policy that would have helped out. Starbucks has stated that if the customer is not happy, it's not happy. The new post-training promise is, "Your drink should be perfect, every time. If not, let us know and we'll make it right."

Another change that also went into effect this morning is that instead of pouring shots straight into the cups, they're going into shot glasses first. This way the baristas can see the quality of the shot, something they didn't do before.

So tell me, have you been to a Starbucks today? If so, have you noticed any changes?