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Starbucks Single Serving Coffeemaker

Single-Serving Coffeemakers: Friend or Foe?

The days of measuring out coffee grounds into a paper filter may be coming to an end, especially now that Starbucks is hopping on the single-serving coffeemaker bandwagon. While there are many conveniences of dropping a coffee pod into a machine and simply pressing a button, some of the romance associated with the morning cup of coffee has gone by the wayside. That said, we love our office Keurig. To take a look at some of the pros and cons of these high-tech java-makers and to share your opinion, just keep reading.


  • The coffee is tasty. Surprisingly, these machines make a damn good cup of joe.
  • The process is quick and mess-free. This is especially helpful in an office environment where there's not much time to make and clean up coffee.
  • There's variety. The different pods account for the many taste preferences within an office environment.
  • They only make one cup at a time. For a single-person household, this is really efficient. No more dumping half a pot of cold coffee down the drain.


  • They don't come cheap. These single-serve coffeemakers have a relatively hefty price tag, no doubt about that.
  • They require space. They take up a fair amount of counter space, and there's the dilemma of how to store all of those pods.
  • They're wasteful. Let's face it, those pods are nonrecyclable.
  • They only make one cup at a time. Although this can be a pro, if you're looking to serve a large group of people, it's probably not the best way to go.

Our conclusion? These coffeemakers are great in a fast-paced work environment, but probably not the most efficient use of space in a home. Their convenience and simplicity is definitely useful in the office, but we appreciate the ritual that goes into a freshly-pressed pot of coffee, and a French press is a quarter of the cost!

What do you think? Do you use single-serving coffeemakers?

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