The always entertaining Stefan Richter is back! Here are his thoughts on this week's Top Chef All-Stars. Take it away chef!

Hello Everybody: This will be short and sweet. Before I start blogging I have to say I love Tabatha Salon Takeovers; she makes me laugh a lot and she hates to be called sweetheart. So do I.

Three-day trip to Napa? Really? That's something new. Fondue. I make fondue in my restaurants sometimes. Dale funny guy, PHOONDUE, love it, he has gone from child to grown up. Ohhh pobresito: Angelo making things that are too complicated (that's something new). Blais, I know you hitting on my man, but great idea, I like it. I will put that on my menu next week. Goat cheese, barf hate it, can't stand goat cheese. Carla screwed up, it's very funky looking. Antonia is ratting on Mike Isabella. It is down to the wire. They all look tired and over it.

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Angelo has been there twice in the last six months; it is eating on him. (He has writers block and he is totally over it.) I think Fabio is going home, that is just my take on it before even watching the main challenge. Mike called Dale monkey. Congrats Dale, you deserved it and I'm pretty sure you are in the finale (as long as you don't cook scallops with butterscotch sauce!). Kind of cool to be on Fallon!!! Although I'd rather be on Howard Stern or Letterman.


Cool challenge, Antonia got some tongue. Fabio is full of sh*t, he has a burger on the menu. Carla — chicken pot pie. I would have done that! I love chicken pot pie and she is going crazy. That's my Carla. Padma looks as hot as always, I'm still wondering if I'm the father of her child. Padma: I want a DNA test.

Burger looks bad, and I said it before the judges. Maybe he doesn't have it on the menu.
Jimmy, I have beef tongue on the menu, come by and I buy you one.

Richard's looks yummy. He is freaking creative, I like it. The soup looked like the minestrone I get at Luigi's Trattoria in Venice.

Dale: Cheese steak looks great, kind of naughty, actually. It should be salty. YUMMY! You have Philly cheese steak when you get drunk in a bar and after that's what you eat.

Carla: Looks boring and I would not want to eat it.

Angelo: Looks good and I would order it anytime.

Mike: He only cooks the same stuff all the time; you are not Italian, you are a Jersey Boy. Remember that.

I had a moment yesterday around 5 where I realized that work is not the only thing that matters, there are more things to life than biz. Just a side note to all of the people who work 16 hours six days a week. Anyways back to writing.

I think Carla is going to win and she will be kicked off next week. How much you want to bet? I bet you a drink at the bar at my restaurant. And Dale, Tiffany, and Fabio on the Bottom and Fabio is going home, I knew it. Remember, this is before I watched judge's table. I knew Carla was going to win. I think she will have a show coming up soon on Bravo. Want to bet again? Dale is not going home. No way.

Tick tock tick tock, see I told you. I'm getting the hang of this!

By the way, my third episode just aired on Top Chef Finland. Come and watch me.

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Photos courtesy of Bravo