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Stefan Richter Discusses Top Chef All-Stars 2011-02-03 11:25:50

Stefan Richter on Top Chef All-Stars Episode 8

For the all-star season of Top Chef, we have a special person recapping the show: previous Top Chef participant Stefan Richter! Here are his thoughts on last night's episode.


OK here we go again: First off, Jamie, my girl, is gone, that kind of sucks because since she is back on All-Stars my scallop sales went through the roof! Damn. Actually, it is not that bad, because she kind of screwed up in the last few episodes and she is, after all, my competition next door. I don't even remember who was the second person who got kicked off with her? I think I'm having a moment of dementia.

I have a question for all the readers: What bugs you the most about the judges? I tell you what bugs me the most — and it has for seven seasons and my personal past for more then 12 years in America. Judges, please eat with fork and knife! Geeze, God gave you two hands, use them. (I'm not a bible pusher.) There is nothing more anti-sexy than shoving your food in your mouth with only a fork. Then even using the fork on the wrong hand or use your fingers to get it on the fork. UGH. It is like watching Top Chef without sound, making Goulash without bay leaf and red wine, or going surfing in Finland without a wetsuit.


For more of Stefan's take on Top Chef, keep on reading.

Quick fire: Fabio, Carla, Blais on Top. Blais's food looked like gothic something and he wins. I'm just saying — animal inside out, Fabio? Carla is excited; really that is something new! And the Russians break bread, Antonia? Antonia — that is a Jewish tradition breaking bread, you live in Los Angeles you should know better.

Main Challenge: I feel like a squirrel on crack, blogging this episode. Second bottle of Joseph Carr while blogging that doesn't really help either. If I would have been on All-Stars, I would have made arancini, cacio pepe, and nutella crème brulee. UGH it is so . . . boring. I'm going to bed I will watch it in the morning. What happened to Top Chef? Not that I think our season was the best, but what is the deal?

Top is Fabio, Antonia, and Carla. I guess Fabio is going to win because his buddies LUIGI, FRANCESCO, and ROBERTO THE CLOWN are sitting on the same table. Oh shoot, Antonia won. Great! Let's move on to the bottom because I really don't feel it today.

I'm actually over all of this. Tom was a clam fisherman and a diver when he was young? Really? Eat with fork and knife and I'll believe you.

Bottom Group: Tre, Dale, and Mike. I never met Isabella, seems like a likable guy. Dale, I met, very nice guy and great chef. And Tre, never met, and I think he is going home. Let's keep picking on his risotto. Oh my, I can't even deal with it, so predictable these days. And I was right again. Tre is going home. Swing by the restaurant and give me your opinion if you like.

By the way, my second episode just aired on Top Chef Finland. Come and watch me.

Love Stefan as much as we do? Check out his restaurants.

Photos courtesy of Bravo

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