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Stefan Richter Recaps Top Chef All-Stars Conch Episode

Stefan Richter on Top Chef All-Stars Episode 14

For the conch episode of Top Chef All-Stars, we have Finnish favorite, chef Stefan Richter, sharing his thoughts.

What's up everybody?! Lots has happened since I blogged last time. I have been to Finland, my homeland, and I opened a steakhouse in a beautiful cotton factory on a river in Tampere. You can see pictures on my Facebook or follow me on Twitter, if you like. Finland was fun, exiting, and a little emotional. My mom used to work across my new restaurant, 45 years ago as a chef at the Grand Hotel Tammer in Tampere.

Back to Top Chef: I haven't watched it since my Paisano Fabio got kicked off and I'm not really in the loop. So Carla is gone, Marcel is gone, Jamie my little love is gone, and who else is worth mentioning? This season it is pretty boring in my eyes, not because I'm not on, because most of it looks so calculated and preorganized and made up. And Sesame Street, really? What's next week? Hannah Montana or Justin Bieber? Maybe the Mickey Mouse Club on Masters? BRAVO you want some challenges? Hire me, I'll make them up for you.

Keep reading for the rest of Stefan's recap.

Pork bolognese and pasta. Nice try guys, but a bolognese takes three hours like everybody knows. Bad choice, and yeah all in one bowl of course it taste the same.


Lentil, steak, and salad is a better choice. The girls are just smarter. Who is the lady judge anyways? It looks good and I think the girls will win. See? I knew it. I can read Bravo like nobody else these days.

I wish I was there swimming in the ocean and catching little clams like Tom Colicchio when he was telling everybody in the third episode that he was a clam fisherman 20 years ago.

Wow. Padma is hot! And Jimmy Hagar. Mike is funny. I'd hang with that guy anytime — hitting a few beers and chill. Tiff is going home and this is before I know it because she is being set up in her interview.

Actually, I like conch. It tastes like rubber and it is like a large clam. You can make cool little dishes with it. Fry it, put it in a salad, or even a soup.

Tiff — conch two-ways? Everything on Top Chef two-ways normally doesn't really work out. I'm starting to like this challenge again — I get the feeling I would love to be there. Ha Ha Richard is going home. Tom really you did not know it is sweet potato????? Oh this is turning bad. Mike's looks awesome very fresh, very Bahamas. Remember I can't taste any of the items either and I'm basing this on past experience and looks and what I know about the product. So no negative comments about the taste because I don't know. I think soup will go home. Antonia is safe, Richard will be around, and Mike will win Top Chef next episode. So, here you have it. I just wrapped up season eight for you. By the way Tom ate with fork and knife. Finally.

Ha ha: Mike says "did you taste my conch?" LOL, funny guy. Now that I watch the Judge's Table, I think Mike is going home. Oh my, I'm so confused now. No! Tiff is going, she is done, I bet you. Again, I knew it. So, here you go another season over. Watch my predictions and tell me what you think after next episode. Or come and visit me at the restaurant and give me your five cents.

Culinary Wishes


Love Stefan as much as we do? Check out his restaurants. On April 5 and 6, he's hosting a special three-course meal for just $13! It's celebrating his American anniversary; he's been living stateside for 13 years. It sounds really fun — last year they played Journey, so if you live in the area, be sure to join the party.

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