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Studies Show Fish Escolar, White Tuna, Grouper are Frequently Mislabeled

Are You Concerned About Fish Mislabeling?

Don't think that counterfeit bags and cosmetics are the only phony items on the market. Recent evidence suggests that the fake fish trade is rampant, too.

Studies and survey documents from private national universities to state regulation agencies show escolar masking as white tuna, tilapia sold as red snapper, and emperor fillets marketed as grouper in staggering numbers, by both food distributors and dining establishments.

Suppose that steamed red snapper sashimi you're reveling over is merely your garden-variety tilapia. Would you want to know the truth about its mislabeling — or, since you're enjoying it anyway, would you prefer to turn a blind eye?

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isahrangme isahrangme 6 years
oops, "I CARE!!" in my fury, i misspelled hehe
isahrangme isahrangme 6 years
I CAER!! my mom brought home a fish that she thought was something we eat a lot (i don't know what it's called in english). turns out, it made all of us have some BAD AFTER-EFFECTS ala escolar. well, maybe something else caused us (mom, cousin, me) to have these symptoms. nope, cuz my sister ate it the next day, and she experienced the same symptoms after she ate the fish -_- NOT FUN!
GummiBears GummiBears 6 years
Yes this bothers me especially when they are charging a premium for a mediocre fish. I wish I can find a trusted source of red snapper but most of the snapper I see looks suspicious to me. There is a fish that is similar to red snapper but the skeletal structure is very slight.
msdecember msdecember 6 years
so much you can't trust nowadays.. ughhh.
snarkypants snarkypants 6 years
this makes me angry!!!!
fuzzles fuzzles 6 years
Aquila, I applaud the research that your husband has been a part of. And I'd be very willing to bet the entire egg basket that you are familiar with walleye! Minnesotans are as well (it is our state fish), but the taste and texture is indistinguishable to the imported (yes, imported!) zander. All the more reason to catch your own, or deal with a very trusted local supplier.
Susannah-Chen Susannah-Chen 6 years
bluesarahlou, I also heard about that. Scary.
bluesarahlou bluesarahlou 6 years
I would definitely want to know exactly what fish I'm eating. I've seen restaurants that claim to sell wild caught salmon and are actually selling farmed. That pisses me off, since I've made a conscious effort to not eat any seafood that isn't sustainable. No matter how much I love it!
fuzzles fuzzles 6 years
I agree with Katie. Several years ago, there was a big flap in Minnesota about many restaurants claiming to serve walleye (a fresh water fish), but it was really zander with the much higher walleye price tag. People were not pleased.
Katie-Sweeney Katie-Sweeney 6 years
I'm somewhat concerned. What if you are allergic to certain fish? Also, what if you think you are choosing a fish that is sustainable, but its actually not?
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