For those of you who never understood how your college boyfriend could eat delivery pizza every night, we may have found your answer.

A study of 8,900 Danish schoolchildren at the University of Copenhagen has found that girls are better at recognizing tastes than boys, particularly when it comes to sweet and sour. Since males and females have the same number of tastebuds, the difference lies in how they process taste impressions.

According to the study, boys need, on average, 10 percent more sourness and 20 percent more sweetness than girls to recognize the taste. In addition, because boys seemed less sensitive to recognizing tastes, it only makes sense that boys tended to prefer more extreme flavors than girls.

The study attempted to quantify the tasting ability of children, and its results had a clear message: Children are better tasters than the industry presumes them to be. "One could easily develop more varied food products and snacks for children and young people," said Bodil Allesen-Holm, the scientific head of the study. Could fish sticks and chicken nuggets make way for something more gourmet in the future?