Do you crave ice cream or feel comforted by mac and cheese? You're not alone. These classic American treats are considered comfort foods by eaters of all ages. According to a new survey by the Center for Culinary Development and Packaged Facts, certain comfort foods span generations from Baby Boomers to Generation X and Gen-Yers.

The survey of 3,700 people found that sweets top the list of comfort foods, no matter how old you are — and even more so if you're female. But there were also some interesting discrepancies in what different generations consider comforting. Keep reading.

Some 51 percent of women, compared to just 36 percent of men, claim to be comforted by sweets, with ice cream being the most popular. Cheese is also a common denominator:

Cheese — either by itself or with a bread or starchy food — seems to elicit the most "passionate" response across generations, but with generational nuances (Boomers citing artisan cheeses versus Gen-X's cheese crackers, for example).

The study unwrapped interesting insights about generational differences: Baby Boomers tend toward traditional foods like casseroles and chicken noodle soup, while Gen-Xers are more likely to mention fast food and hamburgers. Gen-Y respondents offered burritos and sushi, as well as instant ramen! Younger generations were also more likely to mention specific brands than their parents' generation.

I, for one, could be equally comforted by an overstuffed burrito and a delicious grilled cheese. What are you favorite comfort foods? Are they are reflective of your generation?