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Spring Clean Your Kitchen in Style

Mar 27 2012 - 5:41am

The time has come to clean out our pantries, attack our spice racks [1], and throw out old resealable plastic containers. Yes, Spring cleaning has arrived. The good news is that once we're finished, we will all be left with sparkly clean and efficient kitchens that are ready to churn out delicious eats. It always feels better to cook in a kitchen that is visually inspiring and well appointed, and a few simple pieces of equipment can help you achieve just that. We've selected a few essentials for an organized but stylish kitchen. Click through for more!

Simple Woven Baskets

Simple woven baskets [2] with handles are the perfect storage solution for large amounts of fresh fruit. They make it easy to harvest anything straight from your garden, and they are great for transporting equipment or ingredients. The simple aesthetic and endless functionality (they're even dishwasher-safe!) make them essential for a stylish kitchen.

Pretty Dish Brushes

The task of doing the dishes can be a huge obstacle when it comes to cooking at home, but a set of shiny new dish brushes [3] in pretty colors will make the task bearable.

Sleek Composter

The pros of composting include less garbage, a reduced carbon footprint, and a healthy well-fed garden. But it can be kind of hard to deal with a pile of decomposing vegetable scraps in your kitchen. This sleek composter [4] with a charcoal filter (to reduce smells) will be perfect for your countertop. To make your life even easier, use biodegradable bags [5] for easy cleanup.

Glass Storage Jar

Glass storage jars [6] are really simple and stylish solutions for storing dry ingredients like flour, sugar, coffee, pasta, and so on. The contents are nicely displayed on your countertop or in your pantry, things stay fresh and are easily accessed, and the jar is easy to wash.

Multipurpose Glass Terrines

Investing in a set of glass terrines [7] is a very good idea. Not only are they classic and aesthetically pleasing, but also incredibly functional. I use mine for everything from bottling homemade pickles to storing leftovers. They hermetically seal out air and moisture, and you can even freeze food in them.

Sophisticated Glass Carafe

Having a glass carafe [8] on hand is really useful for serving and storing beverages. All that freshly squeezed orange juice you just made for your Sunday brunch can be stored in one of these and enjoyed later. Glass is easy to clean, doesn't leave an aftertaste on the contents, and makes for a beautiful presentation.

Erasable Lables

Handwritten labels for food storage are romantic and very useful, which is why we're drawn to these erasable labels [9]. They can be used over and over again, they are microwave- and dishwasher-safe, and you can write whatever information you need on them easily.

Efficient Recycling System

To make your life easier and to do your part to help the planet, it might be a good idea to invest in a sleek and efficient recycling container for your kitchen. Nobody wants to look at an unsightly pile of garbage, and though it's pricey, this modern stainless steel recycler [10] saves time and space.

Good Quality Hand Soap

It may not seem like an important factor, but good quality hand soap [11] near your kitchen sink is essential. It makes cooking and cleaning up easier (think about when you go from handling chicken to moving around your pots and pans), and it adds to the overall aesthetic of your kitchen.

Efficient Spice Jars

The spice cabinet is inevitably a challenge. Different sized bottles that you bought ages ago make it hard for things to fit together. Once again we turn to simple glass jars [12] for a solution. A wide mouth is essential for measuring spoons, and these are easily labeled and stored.

White Dish Towels

Let's face it, dish towels are made to be used. And with that, they tend to get dirty. I like to use these waffle-weave white towels [13] because not only do they dry dishes really well (with no lint left behind!), but they can be bleached and stay looking clean and new. It's hard to get tired of white, so a set of these is essential in any kitchen.

Stylish Utensil Holder

I have recently been made aware of the importance of a utensil holder next to your stove. It makes the entire process of cooking a lot more efficient and enjoyable. While there are numerous options of stylish utensil holders out there, this ceramic option [14] is one of our favorites.

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