"The author has eaten a piece of candy every single day of his entire life."

I could tell from the first sentence in Steve Almond's love letter to candy, CandyFreak: A Journey through the Chocolate Underbelly of America, that I had found a book that would really speak to me. As someone who also has a huge weakness for candy, I was excited to read the riveting romp in search of unique and under-represented candy bars. The often hilarious Almond - who has an incredible name for someone who is a self-proclaimed Candyfreak - travels across America in search of regional candy. For example, did you know that Idaho is the home to a candy called Idaho Spud and that it's nearly impossible to find Valomilk bars west of the Rockies? While not completely flawless - he does get a little preachy regarding mainstream chocolate manufacturers - Candyfreak is definitely a delicious read. After each chapter, I found myself scouring the aisles of unnamed convenience stores looking for these hard-to-find treats. I had to have Sky Bars and Big Hunks and everything in between. If you're not interested in developing a severe candy habit, then I suggest you steer clear. However if you really want to know what an Idaho Spud is, or how a Clark Bar is manufactured (or even what a Clark Bar is), then definitely check it out. But don't say I didn't warn you, after reading this book you will definitely develop a severe candy habit.