As a child, one of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving — besides the turkey, pie, and Macy's parade — was the annual viewing of A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. I love the way that Snoopy and the gang had their own Thanksgiving without adults. Even though Peppermint Patty freaks out over the lack of turkey and pumpkin pie, I always thought it looked like a lot of fun. What child wouldn't want a a smorgasbord of treats — two pieces of buttered toast, pretzel sticks, popcorn, and jelly beans — while sitting around ping-pong table? Looking back on it now, I see part of the message is that it doesn't matter what you're eating, as long as it was made with love. So despite how your feast turns out — be it fantastic or forgettable — remember to take a deep breath and enjoy the day.

To see a clip of Snoopy and the gang prepping for their Thanksgiving feast,