Reader serendipity75 wrote me an email asking a very interesting question: are tablecloths too old fashioned? Now judging by my love for placemats, you all know where I am going to stand on this one... of course tablecloths are not too old fashioned! Sure they run the risk of being grandma-ish but if your table ends up looking like a little old lady, that means you have chosen the wrong tablecloth. When done correctly tablecloths can actually be chic and stylish. For example, when I threw an Argentinean themed outdoor cocktail party last summer, I used tablecloths as a way of uniting the decorations. The tables were of different shapes and sizes, but my tablecloths hid this from the guests. I always put a tablecloth on my table at dinner parties and I have even spent Saturday nights making tablecloths for a party! If you want to protect an extremely nice handmade table, please use a tablecloth. What I love about tablecloths is that if you can't find one in the stores that matches your kitchen/dining room/theme party, you can buy a piece of fabric that does and simply make your own. Setting the table with a tablecloth makes any meal feel more formal and is a great way to slow things down and really enjoy your food. In my opinion tablecloths can really be hip and modern but it's up to you to make them so.
How about you? Are tablecloths too old fashioned?