Although we're only two months into the year, it looks like the Taco Bell beef scandal is shaping up to be one of the top stories of 2011. The latest in the ongoing saga that started with a woman suing the chain for falsely labeling its "seasoned beef"? Another deal! It seems that giving away 1 million free tacos isn't enough to convince consumers its beef is the real thing. Now it's also discounting the pricey crunchwrap supreme.

From today until March 5, Bell fans can enjoy a crunchy beef quesadilla for just 88 cents (originally they are $2.39). The campaign is supported by a series of ads that feature real Taco Bell employees promoting the beef. The crazy thing is all this Taco Bell news has got me craving my high-school order: a beef double decker taco. Will you take the Tex-Mex eatery up on its offer?