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10 Gifts For the Tailgating Fiend

Nov 1 2013 - 4:51pm

Tailgaters are serious grillers, beer drinkers, and all-around eaters. Gift the tailgating fiends in your life something they will use, reuse, and pride putting up in their tailgating tend.

Boston Warehouse Touchdown Field Chip-and-Dip Set

Chips and dip need an appropriate vessel, like this Boston Warehouse Touchdown Field Chip-and-Dip Set [1] ($21, originally $30). The tailgater in your life may have a hard time not making plays out of chips.

Inflatable Goal Post Cooler

This Inflatable Goal Post Cooler [2] ($18, originally 36) doubles as an ice chest and a fun mini football game. Plus, it does come with that inflatable football. Score!

Holiday Ale Beer Making Kit

More than knocking back a ton of light beer, tailgaters love showing off homemade brews. Gift him or her a Holiday Ale Beer Making Kit [3] ($45) for a seasonally-appropriate gingerbread and cinnamon beer.

Crock-Pot Trio

For the serious tailgater, there's chili! And queso! And ribs! Instead of busting out three separate slow cookers, the Crock-Pot Trio [4] ($50) makes it compact and buffet-ready.

Picnic Time Buccaneer Grill and Cooler Travel Tote

The Picnic Time Buccaneer Grill and Cooler Travel Tote [5] ($160, originally $178) may seem like a splurge, but it covers all the essentials: a cooler, grilling tools, and a portable charcoal grill with a stand.

Tailgate Keg

A tailgater will find a trillion purposes for the customizable tailgate keg [6] ($50). It keeps hot things hot and cold things cold. Think spiked hot cocoa or ice-cold jungle juice!

Cuisinart Tabletop Gas Grill

This petit Cuisinart Tabletop Gas Grill [7] ($100, originally $140) may be mini, but it's awfully mighty. It heats up in four minutes so your loved one can focus on the game rather than prepping the coals!

NFL Snack Helmet

Although on the pricy side, this NFL Snack Helmet [8] ($58) in customizable teams is a dang cool centerpiece that someone is likely to use for a lifetime of fandom.

Bamboo Football Cutting Board

An affordable and functional gift, the Bamboo Football Cutting Board [9] ($17) can also serve as a tray for appetizers. Wouldn't jalapeƱo poppers [10] look so good on that thing?

Picnic Time Barbecue Tote Set

A real griller carries his or her own tools. Customize the Picnic Time Barbecue Tote Set [11] ($50) to include your loved one's favorite team logo. The kit includes the essential grill tools in a transportable tote.

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