Well, folks, today is the big day. Over the past several weeks, PartySugar and I have covered pointers on everything Thanksgiving — from grocery shopping to brining the bird to setting the table — except eating the food itself. Yet we understand, perhaps more than anybody else, that unpredictable issues arise in the kitchen. Last year, I made cranberry sauce that didn't turn out sweet enough, and two years ago, PartySugar tried not to panic when her gravy wouldn't thicken.

That's why we'll be around today (in between potato ricing and oven change-ups) to answer any questions you might have about making the perfect Thanksgiving meal. Unsure about a cooking temperature? Don't know what to stir into your mashed potatoes? Need a substitute for thyme? Just ask in the comments below — this is your forum for the big feast. Party and I (and any helpful readers!) are right here to help you. Happy eating!