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Take a Visit to Pink's

Apr 3 2008 - 5:56am

A few months ago, I was supposed to grab dinner with my brother in LA. Unfortunately he had to work late, so a sit-down dinner was out of the question. However that was okay with me, this meant I finally had an excuse to go to Pink's [1], the famous LA hot dog institution. We got there around 11p.m. and there was definitely a crowd. To see what it was like, what we ordered, and learn why it's so darn popular, click the "Start Slideshow" button.

I like that there's a giant billboard behind the building, just in case you missed the large neon sign and bright pink banner.

Pink's opened up in 1939 and is celebrating 69 years in Hollywood.

This is the main counter. You don't order here, you sort of sidle along and watch them make the people in front of you's orders. Note the menu in the back. I sort of wished I ordered the Pastrami Burrito Dog. Okay maybe more than "sort of."

Here they are working hard and making delicious dogs.

This looks like the start of some sort of burrito dog.

I believe this is the Pastrami Chili Burrito Dog? I think it might also be known as Heartburn City (I made that name up, I don't know what the locals call it, but I imagine that's gotta be close).

These hot dogs and sausages are waiting for you to order them.

The line is four rows deep. The crowd is quite mixed, everyone loves hot dogs at midnight.

Their fries come out of the "Auto Fry" machine. She put them in the door and they came out of the hatch at the bottom. Also, see that Pastrami Reuben Dog? Why didn't I order that?!

This is what comes out of the "Auto Fry."

French fries and onion rings on top of a dog.

The famed "Lord of the Rings" dog. I ordered one of these because I was craving onion rings. However, I was a teeny bit disappointed. While it was tasty, the sauce was a bit too Carl's Jr. western sauce. I knew I should've gone with the Martha Stewart dog.

French fries, "Lord of the Rings" dog, and a classic chili dog. I wanted to order something more extreme, but figured for my first visit I should order the classic "famed" dog.

30 minutes later, the line is still the same size as it was when we got there.

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