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Taste Test: Baconnaise

Bacon has surpassed cupcakes as the food of the moment: In the past year, we've seen it appear in everything from chocolate to vodka to pork-flavored floss.

Its latest incarnation? Baconnaise, made by J&D's, the brand best known for its Bacon Salt. Since I love both mayo and bacon, as soon as I heard about it, I decided I needed to have it.

On its own, the spread had an incredibly creamy, smoky flavor. When used in place of mayonnaise in my lunchtime BLT, it enhanced the bacon that I couldn't get enough of. I even found myself dipping my potato chips in Baconnaise (a bit too salty, but still delicious), and wondering whether or not it would be kosher to just dip the entire corner of my sandwich into the jar. (For the record, Baconnaise itself is certified kosher.)

The best aspect of Baconnaise is the fact that even people who don't like mayonnaise might love it. Aside from its creamy texture, it really bears no resemblance to mayonnaise. And Baconnaise only includes milk and eggs, which means that for once, vegetarians can take part in bacon, if they so choose.

It's my new favorite thing. I mean, why eat regular mayonnaise ever again, when one can enjoy the savory roundedness of Baconnaise? For those of you who have tried it, did you like it as much as I did?

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