Taste Test: Coconut M&M's

After reading the comments on a recent M&M's quiz, I decided it was high time that I sample the new limited-edition Coconut M&M's from Mars.

Once a beloved snack of mine, I was around the candies so much in a former life that I ate myself sick of them. But these could be a different story. "Coconut M&M's? That's crazy!" a co-worker said in passing. Indeed, it was. Upon glancing at the package, which featured the sultry Green M&M basking in the sun with a flower behind her ear, I immediately envisioned candy-covered morsels filled with flaky, sweet coconut, Mounds style. Did they live up to my expectations? Keep reading.
The first thing I noticed when I opened the bag, which weighs less than a traditional package of M&M's, was that the candies — which are green, white, and brown — were larger and plumper. But I was disappointed when I bit in, only to find there was no coconut filling. After glancing at the ingredients (lactose, milkfat, soy lethicin, artificial flavors) I realized an artificial coconut flavor was simply mixed into the chocolate-candy interior.

While I wish I'd encountered a genuine coconut filling instead, I was impressed by the shell, which is significantly crunchier than regular M&M's. I also enjoyed the chocolate formula's moist-mouth feel, although I couldn't tell if it simply tasted creamier since there was more of it. To those of you who've tried these limited-edition treats, what did you think of them?