A few weeks ago, San Francisco found itself in the middle of a big heat wave. Everyone at the Sugar HQ was melting to their desks and in need of a cool treat. That's when I remembered an impromptu purchase I'd made the week before.I was at the local drugstore and noticed a display of Soda Pops Freezer Pops at the front counter. They were like old-school Otter Pops, only in soda flavors: Orange Crush, Dr Pepper, 7-Up, and A&W Root Beer. I kind of have a thing for Dr Pepper, so I picked up a pack of those. At only $2 a box (10 pops in each box), I probably should have picked up one of each kind. But I didn't, and we only had the Dr Pepper to taste. So how did it taste? Find out when you


The popsicle — that definitely hit the spot during the heat wave — was nice, cool, and icy. However, it was also too sweet, and didn't taste much like Dr Pepper. There was that weird fruity-prune flavor that Dr Pepper has, but it wasn't as successful as Dr Pepper flavored Jelly Bellys.

Overall, I don't think I'd buy them again. They were a fun distraction, and definitely worth the 20 cents per popsicle, yet they weren't that satisfying. Next time I'll pick up the Root Beer flavor and see how that goes.

How about you? Have you tried these Soda Pops? If so, what flavor, and what did you think?