Taste Test: Hershey's Extra Dark Chocolates
Taste Test: Hershey's Extra Dark Chocolates

Despite the fact that Valentine's Day has passed, my brain is still in a chocolate state of mind. I've eaten a lot of chocolate lately, so when I received a pouch of assorted Hershey's Extra Dark Chocolates, I was eager to try them.

At 60 percent cacao, Hershey's Extra Dark falls somewhere in between the brand's iconic Special Dark, which is only 45 percent cacao, and its newer Cacao Reserve, which has 65 percent cacao. Hershey's describes Extra Dark as a "velvety smooth, rich dark chocolate" with "just the right balance of taste, aroma, and sweetness," and has been touting it as a healthy source of antioxidants. The chocolates come in a slew of flavors, including raspberry, blueberry, cranberry and almond, pomegranate, and cranberry macadamia. To hear what we thought of the different flavors,


Pure Dark Chocolate: Hershey's bills its Special Dark as "the dark chocolate for milk chocolate lovers," but I think this flavor could also appeal to those who are weary of dark chocolate. Despite being dark chocolate, it still has lingering sweetness, a creamy consistency, and isn't bitter at all.

Raspberry Infused: This was our least favorite flavor. Party declared it "artificial smelling," and its taste wasn't much more authentic.

Pomegranate: Party and I decided this flavor was the best of our tasting: Because the dark chocolate already had fruity notes, it paired exceptionally well with the tart, juicy flecks of pomegranate, which were slightly chewy and added a pleasant texture to the bar. Unlike its raspberry counterpart, the pomegranate actually tasted like real pomegranates.

At $3.29 for 12 pieces, I would definitely buy this chocolate again, as it's a terrific bargain. The assortment is nice, too, for those of us (like myself) who can't decide which flavor to commit to. Have you tried any of the Hershey's Extra Dark Chocolates? What did you think of them?

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