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Taste Test: Jalapeño Kettle Chips

The other day when I went to purchase chips for a barbecue, I was surprised to see a new flavor on the supermarket shelves. Dubbed "a fiesta in a bag," jalapeño is the latest addition to the Kettle Brand family. Since I'm a huge fan of Kettle Chips, I grabbed one of the green bags — the fiery red jalapeño looked so enticing! To find out how these chips taste,


With a thick crispness and satisfying crunch, the texture of the chips is signature Kettle. A slightly sweet onion flavor hits the tongue first, and it's followed by the unmistakable punch of fresh green jalapeño. In each bite there is a nice heat that's not too spicy or overpowering. There's nothing artificial about these all-natural chips, and they're incredibly addictive. While the chips are delicious on their own and a nice accompaniment to a sandwich, I wasn't too crazy about them with dip. When I dipped a chip into pico de gallo, the flavors clashed and did not complement each other. Still these chips are good; if you enjoy jalapeños, give them a chance.

Have you tried jalapeño Kettle Chips? What did you think of them?




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