Since the New York Times piece on flavor tripping came out last May, the culinary world has been obsessed with the miracle berry. When consumed, the berry changes the tongue's tastebud molecules, making sour and bitter foods taste sweet. While there has been controversy surrounding the company who sells the fresh berries, the miracle fruit can easily be enjoyed in tablet form. Recently I went to a party where guests were invited to taste these tablets. Everyone was given a pill and a sampler plate of intensely flavored ingredients. To find out what happened when I popped the miracle berry pill,


Although I was told the effects of the pill were immediate, mine took a few minutes to kick in. The slice of green apple we were instructed to consume first tasted crisp, juicy, and exactly like every other green apple I've eaten for the last 26 years. However, when we moved on to the lemon, there was a distinct difference in the citrus's flavor. It was sweet! Afraid it was suddenly going to turn sour, I ate it quickly, biting into the flesh as if it were an orange.

Unfortunately the lemon was the highlight of the sampler plate. The pickled ginger had a fresh, slightly juicier flavor than regular pickled ginger, but it wasn't drastically changed. The creamy goat cheese tasted like goat cheese and the dried cranberry like dried cranberry. The shot of Tabasco burnt my mouth and stung my lips, but the shot of Guinness tasted oddly like a frothy, fruit smoothie.

I greatly enjoyed the experience (you can too, for $20); it was fun, but the tablet was overrated. I was expecting to be blown away; instead, I was teased with the lemon and left wanting more from the other ingredients. Still, I'm definitely willing to give the miracle berry a second chance.

Has anyone else tasted the miracle fruit? What did you think?