Recently I got my hands on Philadelphia Cream Cheese's new flavors: sundried tomato and basil, and spinach and artichoke. Cream cheese on crackers has always been one of my secret single-girl snack foods, so I was delighted to sample the savory spreads. To find out what I thought of them,


The cream cheese comes in the standard 8-ounce circular tub packaging. They're both smooth, creamy, and ideal for snacking. Selecting the correct cracker is key; a seasoned or seeded cracker will overpower the flavor of the spreads.

Sun-dried Tomato and Basil: With tiny flecks of sundried tomatoes and a pale orange color, this spread is slightly sweet. The taste of basil comes after the sundried tomato, while the regular flavor of cream cheese is apparent. This would be great for making a savory cheesecake.

Spinach and Artichoke: This spread has actual small chunks of spinach and artichoke with a strong flavor of artichoke. It's salty but not overly so. The classic flavor of cream cheese is missing, but it doesn't matter, because it tastes like a classic spinach artichoke dip.

Overall, Yum and I greatly enjoyed these cream cheese flavors. While we could not decide on a favorite, the spinach-artichoke was finished before the sundried tomato. I always have cream cheese on hand, so I may add one of these flavors to the rotation. I imagine they would be delicious in dishes like scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes, or cheesy dip.

Has anyone else tried these cream cheeses? What did you think of them?