A little while back, I received a box of ice cream cupcakes by PhillySwirl. I put the box in the freezer and totally forgot about them until I saw them featured on the Today Show. So last week, Yum, Molly, and I cracked open the box. There's nothing fancy or pretentious about these cupcakes. They come in two flavors: chocolate and vanilla. Each cupcake has a layer of cake, a layer of ice cream, a hard chocolate candy coating, a frosting topping, and a sprinkle of jimmies. To see what I thought of these frozen treats,


They were absolutely delicious! With its creamy frosting, I preferred the vanilla to the chocolate. Like a blast from elementary school past, the taste is similar to those super-sugary, grocery store cupcakes that come in plastic containers.

The chocolate tasted like a cross between a brownie sundae and a Klondike bar. Both were totally indulgent without being over-the-top sweet.

I especially enjoyed the concept and plan on experimenting with my own ice cream cupcake recipe. Have you tried the PhillySwirl ice cream cupcakes? If so, what did you think?