Let me introduce you to my favorite new wine label: JAQK (which cleverly stands for Jack, Ace, Queen, King) cellars. Passionate about play and wine, the brains behind the yet-to-be-released label believe that a great bottle of wine can enhance the playful atmosphere between friends and family.

Last week I had the chance to sit down with Joel Templin (the founder) and Bernard la Borie (the president) to taste a couple of the label's wines. For a sneak peek of the fun company's wines, made by acclaimed winemaker Craig Maclean, and to see a bunch of images from the tasting,


Each wine has a catchy name, interesting story, and beautifully designed label. The eight affordable bottles range in price from $23-64.

While I didn't taste all eight, the wines that I sipped were lush, smooth, and intensely drinkable. My favorite was High Roller, a classic Napa Valley cabernet sauvignon with an elegant, rich texture and dark cherry aroma.

With its deep-purple color and full body, Black Clover, JAQK's merlot, will make the grape made unpopular by the movie Sideways trendy again. The clover-etched bottle is ideal for collecting. After the wine is consumed it would make a gorgeously Gothic vase.

The convention-breaking chardonnay, Pearl Handle, is refined through egg whites. The wine is buttery, fruity, and balanced. My favorite bottle was the sparklingly designed Charmed, the sauvignon blanc. Crisp and mouth-watering, it has an appley aroma.

If you love wine or know a wine-lover, I highly recommend seeking out a bottle come October. Both the liquid and bottle are expertly crafted, resulting in wine that is delicious yet playful, making it an ideal gift for any wine aficionado.