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Whether you've had a lifelong routine or are working toward a specific fitness goal, everyone has a reason for why they are active. Tell us yours by leaving a comment below to be automatically entered for a chance to win one of three EA SPORTS Active More Workouts!

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Monique-Marie427757 Monique-Marie427757 7 years
I am active because I suffer from Fibromyalgia and at times depression. By getting out and doing things and being active, it is hard for me to become depressed, especially since my recent divorce. I need to realize that there is a world out there that I can belong to.
EmmaAnna EmmaAnna 7 years
I am active to be healthy and have a strong body! I like to look good and look good for my husband and I want to live a long and happy life!
ebon2008 ebon2008 7 years
I am active because when i work out it gives me the drive to do more, i am more energize and i feel wonderful.
stormvikki stormvikki 7 years
I feel better and I sleep better when I am active everyday
LivN4Us LivN4Us 7 years
I am active because I am LivN4Us!!! I am living for my family. I want to feel better, look better, and be a better person and role model for my family. That is why I'm active.
cbombnewell cbombnewell 7 years
I am active because I want to be fit and healthy for my boys,for as long as I possibly can.Plus,have you ever tried keeping up with a two year old?Phew,it's a workout!lol
Zipster23 Zipster23 7 years
I am active because it makes me a happier person!
lynn2007 lynn2007 7 years
I am active because of my family history. Having two obese parents growing up, I saw first hand exactly what they have had to go through for their entire lives. And I have seen exactly how it affect those around them as well. I want to be healthy to not only have a positive effect on myself, but those around me as well.
U2forlife U2forlife 7 years
I just recently had a little girl (she's 4.5 months), and while I worked out before her, and workout now to lose the weight, I do it mostly now because I just really want to be a healthy and active mother for her. She deserves for me to be the best mother I can be and working out helps me accomplish that.
jmain2qr jmain2qr 7 years
I am active because it helps me not stress out and makes falling asleep at night so much easier!
triplechocolate triplechocolate 7 years
Because I feel better!
triplechocolate triplechocolate 7 years
Because I feel better!
frenjalibi frenjalibi 7 years
I'm active so that I can be a good role model to my children. I'm active because I've already lost 20 lbs and refuse to stop until I reach my ultimate goal. I'm active because it makes me feel alive.
guolan27 guolan27 7 years
I'm active because my health and body are very important to me. I must take care of them by staying active.
MsMeeky MsMeeky 7 years
Im Active and Walk daily because it just makes me feel good and gives me more Energy. I like to eat, so burning calories on a daily basis helps me to maintian my current, satisfactory weight. Wish me Luck!!
JLBT JLBT 7 years
so i can live longer and happier!
yadgirl yadgirl 7 years
I'm active because I feel better when I'm active and because I'm happy being active.
catsee catsee 7 years
I'm active my family & myself. Heart issues, cancer and diabetes plagued my family on both sides of my family. It's the least I can do to insure I'm around for my girls and to instill healthy habits in them now, like my father did for my brother & myself.
dakmo dakmo 7 years
I am active to stay healthy and remain healthy for my husband and three kids. I am hoping to set a good lifelong example for my children.
JennH JennH 7 years
I'm active for my girls. I need to keep up with them and I don't want them to be embarrassed because of me.
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