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What's the deal with frozen green beans? Last Fall, a New Zealander discovered a shrunken mouse's head in hers, and, proving we're just as prone to the situation stateside, a Texas woman reportedly opened a bag to find a frog's face staring back at her.

Chasity Erbaugh from Tyler, TX, went to stir butter into her green beans and encountered the whole front end of a frog, spinal cord attached, with its tongue hanging out. Horrified, she notified county health inspectors, who got in touch with the Wal-Mart where she purchased the beans to have the rest of the lot pulled from shelves. Although the county health department filed a complaint with the FDA, it also urged consumers to look closely at their food before eating it. But Erbaugh has lost her confidence with frozen foods. Moving forward, she vows to only buy fresh vegetables, even if the measure is at her expense. "Do you know how much my grocery bill is fixing to go up?" she said.

After hearing about a shopper who — almost literally — got a frog in her throat, are you less likely to buy frozen fruits and vegetables? Do you agree with the health department, which insinuated that the responsibility lies with each diner to ensure he is eating safe food? Have you ever found something that's less than kosher in your frozen produce?

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reesiecup reesiecup 7 years
i've heard of some horror stories with canned foods. i would definitely been a little freaked if i found something other than veggies staring at me! i like fresh produce, but frozen veggies are so simple to prepare when you're tight on time and has more nutrients vs. fresh or canned. i'll definitely be scoping out my food more before it goes in my mouth after reading this!
muse2323 muse2323 7 years
For the few things I buy frozen, I'm not deterred. And I'm still cautious about the fresh tings I buy. I read a story about a nastily venomous spider hitching a ride on grapes that were eventually bought, as I recall, in Ohio.
AmberHoney AmberHoney 7 years
Sounds like a typical gov't response to me, they can f-up anything they touch.
dreamie-me dreamie-me 7 years
I found a grub as well in frozen squash. I was thisclose to eating it, lol. But that incident did not deter me buying frozen food.
Spiderlove Spiderlove 7 years
I found a small frozen frog (intact!) on a frozen veggie pizza once. I just showed my family, laughed and threw it out.(the whole pizza, not just the frog!) I didn't make a huge media-hype about it. Things happen! Yes, it's gross, but I think it's a pretty random occurance...
chancleta chancleta 7 years
Oh jeez! How horrifying! I would be scarred for life.
simplyfab87 simplyfab87 7 years
Disgusting! I feel sick to my stomach.
crystahl crystahl 7 years
eeeeeeeewwwwwwwww gross!!!
klevans klevans 7 years
ack. horrifying.
Gdeeaz Gdeeaz 7 years
i once found a bee in the lettuce i bought. i remember hearing about a guy who found a mouse baked into his bread
RoaringSilence RoaringSilence 7 years
I don't think it makes a difference whether you buy frozen or fresh produce. It both gets harvested the same way, one just gets frozen along the way. If I had to choose, I'd rather have a frozen intact frog head in my beans than a rotten one =P
erinalise erinalise 7 years
You still need to check fresh produce just as closely. I've once cooked broccoli only to find caterpillars in it.
Soniabonya Soniabonya 7 years
the description makes me want to churn up my lunch. ick. :sick: as consumers, yes we should be aware of what we buy and eat, but these was a packaged food item. measures should have been made to keep the frog from getting into the food in the first place and that responsibility relies on the manufactuer/producer/whoever freezes the damn bags.
ellenp1214 ellenp1214 7 years
it's one thing if you find a worm in your apple that you bought from the farm down the road. it's a completely different issue when a company is selling you a vegetable PRODUCT and delivers instead foreign, dismembered animals. the way our food system works, all the blame is put on the consumers when the FDA and USDA's job is to protect us. they need to take responsibility for a flawed system if you ask me, and this is just another example of what can go wrong (don't even get me started on salmonella and e. coli!)
Retro23 Retro23 7 years
A big ol nasty GRUB! I freaked out.
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