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ekball ekball 5 years
Raspberry/choco tart?! YES, PLEASE!!
olivia686 olivia686 5 years
The walnut & pear would be my choice.
ragnilee ragnilee 5 years
chocolate pecan pie, love anything with chocolate.
atimary7960 atimary7960 5 years
The pumpkin pie with pecan crust. I love pumpkin pie and I dont mind if it have pecan crust. It looks delicious!
janetc123 janetc123 5 years
pumpkin gets my vote
Heidi-Boop Heidi-Boop 5 years
Pumpkin pie cheesecake with pretzel crust!
NancyAnna NancyAnna 5 years
Pumpkin Apple Pie absolutely- it is still Thanksgiving after all
truebrits truebrits 5 years
Anything sweet and fruity is good enough for me.
juliereuter juliereuter 5 years
chocolate pecan pie - yum!
spynaert spynaert 5 years
pumpkin apple pie
Julie-Jordan Julie-Jordan 5 years
I like pumpjkkin pit, but I'mnot wild about it. But the idea of pumpkin apple sounds amazing!!! Very excited to give this a try.
samanthagc samanthagc 5 years
can't believe I go thru the whole thing to find out "the giveaway is now closed" and just where did it say when it ended? But I could go for the pumpkin pie cheesecake with pretzel crust.
cathleenw cathleenw 5 years
Pear Walnut Upside down cake :)
Myholisticchef Myholisticchef 5 years
I love pumpkin pie!!
ctavarez34 ctavarez34 5 years
I vote for the pumpkin pie cheesecake with pretzel crust!!
colleengilgenbach colleengilgenbach 5 years
Wierd, I've never even considered the idea that there is any other Thanksgiving dessert other than pumpkin pie!
ashschreck ashschreck 5 years
Pumpkin cheesecake!
themsworth5 themsworth5 5 years
Oooohhhhh...pumpkin pie cheesecake with pretzel crust!
Susan-Ericson Susan-Ericson 5 years
Chocolate pecan pie would be delicious!
pjdm2000 pjdm2000 5 years
I would definitely vote for the pumpkin cheesecake with the pretzel crust! A close second would be the raspberry choc totre. Vagan alternatives would also be welcome!
bh3215nh bh3215nh 5 years
pumpkin pie cheesecake ...mmm,,great!
chloeismylove chloeismylove 5 years
I'm surprised the raspberry/choco tart has the least amount. It got my vote.
tanbelle9 tanbelle9 5 years
Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake With Pretzel Crust
jufaswife jufaswife 5 years
Chocolate pecan pie looks yummy!
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