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Thanksgiving Tip: Deal With Unexpected Guests — Part 2

It always happens, you plan for a perfect Thanksgiving with just the right number of folks and then pow! Someone's brought an extra guest. If this happens to you, take a deep breath and don't panic. Yesterday we gave you a few tips on how to deal with unexpected guests, and today we have a few more.

  • If you're cooking portioned meals for Thanksgiving — such as individual game hens — split the portion between the unexpected guest and the person who brought them. If this is not possible, sacrifice by splitting your own in half. When serving just simply state that you're sorry, but you thought you were cooking for a different number of people.
  • If you only have the exact number of dishes needed, you may want to consider picking up a few festive Thanksgiving themed plates. They'll also work as plates to pack leftovers on; just wrap them tightly in foil.
  • Remember, you're the host, so stay polite. However, if you honestly believe you can't handle the unexpected guests — let's say someone drops by with four other guests and you were only expecting six total — it's completely fair to send them away. They may not like it, and you may be called rude — along with other names — but it is your dinner party. Alternatively, let them have appetizers and a drink and invite them back for dessert later.
  • Don't forget it's a holiday, so just have fun! If you're truly upset by it, privately explain your frustration to the offender on a later date.

Do you have any tips on how to handle unexpected Thanksgiving guests? Tell us what you would do in the comments!


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