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Thanksgiving Tip: Don't Shop on Wednesday

Thanksgiving Tip: Don't Shop on Wednesday

Try to get all of your Thanksgiving grocery shopping done before next Wednesday. Heading to the grocery store the day before Thanksgiving is like getting on the freeway in the middle of rush-hour traffic — not a good idea. Shoppers are inevitably grumpy, store clerks are stressed, shelves are empty, shopping carts are nowhere to be found, and the checkout lines are gigantic.

If you've made your lists you should be able to shop for nonperishables like vegetables, canned goods, alcohol, and dried foods today or tomorrow. Shop for last-minute items like fresh herbs and flowers on Tuesday afternoon. Pick up bags of ice the night before from your local convenience store and store in coolers outside in the garage or your back patio.

Most stores and bakeries are open on Thanksgiving morning, so make a quick pit stop to pick up bread and any forgotten ingredients as early as possible. Treat yourself to a coffee while you're at it, it's going to be a long day!


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