Although there are many alternative ways to cook a turkey — grilling, smoking, deep frying, etc. — the most classic way to cook the Thanksgiving bird is in the oven. Here are some tips that will help you roast your turkey:

  • Invest in a roasting thermometer.
  • Insert the thermometer into the thickest part of the turkey's thigh. Make sure the thermometer does not touch the turkey's bone because it will throw off your reading.
  • When the thermometer reads 160°F–165°F the bird is properly cooked. Take the turkey out of the oven and let sit, untouched tented with foil, for 20–30 minutes. The turkey will continue to cook while it rests, increasing the temperature to around 180°F.
  • Depending on the shape and size of your bird and its temperature when it enters the oven, the turkey should take anywhere from 1.5–5.5 hours to cook.
  • Follow the recipe you are using to set the oven temperature and determine whether or not you should baste the turkey. Generally turkeys roast at about 300–325°F.

Hope this helps! If you've got another turkey tip, please share your secret with us below!