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Thanksgiving Tip: Make a List or Two

If you have not begun to think about Thanksgiving, stop what you are doing, grab a pad and a pen, and make a list. Or twenty.

Start with the menu; if you are designating certain courses to friends or families do so on the list. Continue with the guest list, the things you want to get accomplished before Thursday — polish silver, buy a roasting rack, etc. — and the decorations. Plan out any other meals you may be making during that week.

Finally, make the most important list of all, the grocery list. Carefully read through each recipe and write down all the ingredients you will need. Use one sheet of paper for groceries you can buy in advance and another sheet for last minute things that will need to be picked up the day before or that morning. Once you have finished a task be sure to cross it off the list; after all, it's the most satisfying part of making a list!


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