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Think You Know Cadbury Creme Eggs?

Besides Peeps, Cadbury Creme Eggs are the most ubiquitous of Easter candies. While I've had my fair share of the goo-filled eggs, I don't really know much about them, so I've put together a quiz of fun facts concerning Cadbury Creme Eggs. To learn more about this Easter specialty take my quick exam!


Think You Know Cadbury Creme Eggs?

What is the white and yellow filling made of?

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doogirl doogirl 8 years
2/6, but I can't stand Cadbury Cream Eggs! My sister however, will eat as many as she can get her hands on. And they do come in 4 packs!
Rebecca101 Rebecca101 8 years
While Cadbury eggs aren't sold in 5 packs, here in Dubai they also come in 4 pack (I actually bought one expecting it to be a 3 pack, as that was what I was used to in the States, and got a pleasant surprise!)
flavacrisp flavacrisp 8 years
1 out of 6 ouch.
Rally-RE Rally-RE 8 years
WHAT????? 33% for me and i eat way too many of these things to score so low!
AmberHoney AmberHoney 8 years
I have egg on my face after that quiz and yes, I enjoy them.
Mel475 Mel475 8 years
Mine are 4 packs too! LOVE Cadbury Creme eggs and the Mini eggs - they are so yummy and the best part about Easter! I just wish our McDonald's had the Cadbury McFlurry!!!
The-Italian-Jem The-Italian-Jem 8 years
The cadbury eggs in my fridge are in a 4 pack! I've only seen singles and 4 packs. And a dozen pack of the mini ones.
anneface anneface 8 years
I didn't know fondant could get that gooey.
suziryder suziryder 8 years
Yum!! I love Cadbury Cream Eggs! I need to start stocking up on them after Easter so I can enjoy them for longer. I was surprised to learn earlier this year that they don't contain corn syrup. Woo hoo! Oh man, now I want one....
Hanna1117 Hanna1117 8 years
wow...I didn't even get 1 right.
amandaaa amandaaa 8 years
LOVE them, my favorite easter candy, but don't know that much about them apparently. i wish there were cadbury creme egg mcflurries in the US!
limelindsey limelindsey 8 years
Hate the creme eggs...but I love the caramel eggs! I try to stock up so I can eat them all year round.
brookrene brookrene 8 years
0/6. :( I LOOOOOVE these. so good!
miss-malone miss-malone 8 years
Ha 1/6. But, I never eat these anyway.
aimeeb aimeeb 8 years
I bombed! But then again I'm not a big fan of them so I'm not shocked.
starangel82 starangel82 8 years
Didn't do to well on the quiz. I do love a good Creme egg though.
sunshinepointe sunshinepointe 8 years
I know and love my Cadbury eggs...sad that I can't eat them.
soulight soulight 8 years
My boyfriend loves Cadbury Eggs, I, on the other hand, have not tried it, and I'm a little to scared to try them.
miznic miznic 8 years
I've never cared for them - they were always way too sweet for me. The Cadbury Mini-Eggs, however, are another story entirely.
LaLaLaurie06 LaLaLaurie06 8 years
what the heck is Fondant? And whose idea was it for the horrible advertising campaign "Release the Goo"? Uck. I didn't pick that answer b/c I hoped it wasn't right. Now I just need to find a Creme Egg McFlurry...
shoneyjoe shoneyjoe 8 years
blargh. Cadbury Puss Eggs creep me out.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 8 years
Favorite candy! Not that I did so well on the quiz...
queenegg queenegg 8 years
I'm not seeing the correct answers at the end of the quiz. I don't need the answers to love the eggs though. When I first spot them, I do a song and dance and people look at me funny. It's great!
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