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Third Wave Coffee Shops

Third Wave Coffee Shops: Love Them or Hate Them?

At certain boutique coffee shops like the Bay Area’s (and now Brooklyn’s) Blue Bottle, the roasters and baristas take their coffee and its preparation very seriously — and they think you should, too. Blue Bottle baristas are part of the so-called third wave coffee movement, which focuses almost obsessively over coffee quality and roasting technique. These shops typically discourage modifications to their coffee drinks (requests for "half-caf" or "extra hot" are frowned upon) and don’t serve espresso to go; it’s best enjoyed, they say, right then and there in a ceramic cup. Personally, I’m happy to let the experts build and serve my coffee drink however they think best, and they’ve never let me down. But there’s also something to be said for a coffee shop that’ll make it your way, right away. How do you feel about the trend?

Source: Flickr User brookpeterson

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DeviousMuse DeviousMuse 6 years
I feel the same way about baristas who look down their nose at me for making slight changes to a drink as I do about chefs who won't allow salt (or other condiments) on the table because their food is so perfect... Ultimately, I am the customer, and I am paying to enjoy my drink/meal. If I want half-caf or a triple shot, I am paying for it, and if you don't like it, I WILL take my business elsewhere.
arcticpuppet arcticpuppet 6 years
love. as i'm quite the coffee + espresso connoisseur, i love visiting others who share my love of the good stuff!!
Akasha Akasha 6 years
Generally I love them. There is a place in my neighborhood that takes coffee to a whole different level. First they start with some reverses osmosis re-mineralized water... don't ask. Then you can pick your extraction from the clover vacuum siphon brew to the chemex to eva solo, french press, hand drip, Japanese hand drip, and siphon brew. Once you've decided on that you pick your brew and the list there is endless and includes one that will run you $38 for a 16oz. clover. But even if you just want a triple shot latte they will do that too. On the flip side of that there is a place a few miles from my work that takes things way too seriously. I went in and unknowingly ordered a triple and was not only given the look of death, but had to sit through a lecture on how this particular barista has won some competition three years in a row and he only does doubles and if I don't like it I can go back to Starbucks where I belong. I took his advise and went to Starbucks. he the coffee isn't the greatest, but I get the way I want it,and I don't get yelled at for it
amber512 amber512 6 years
I hate coffee, so they don't really affect me.
amybdk amybdk 6 years
Love 'em. There's a place for them in the market.
lilkimbo lilkimbo 6 years
I have not been able to vote on any polls for days. What is up with that? Anyway, I like it when the baristas take coffee seriously and are able to recommend something wonderful, but I don't like it when they also expect you to take coffee extremely seriously. So, I went with "hate them." That being said, I've found a great little coffee shop in my neighborhood where the baristas view coffee-making as a trade and know a ton about coffee; they are always willing to offer recommendations, too. However, they don't frown on patrons making small changes (i.e. extra shots, etc.). (Well, maybe they do in the backroom or something, but they are always really friendly and unpretentious when dealing with patrons.) And, they have the most amazing Ethiopian coffee. They also do an Ethiopian coffee ceremony every Sunday. Needless to say, I am love in with this place!
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