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Three Beer Myths Debunked

I know a lot of you are beer drinkers, and I am also a proud partaker in the occasional brew. So I was tickled to come across Beer 4 Chicks, which takes offense at beer advertisers' seeming assumption that only dudes drink beer. The site, written by beer expert Christina Perozzi, aims to educate drinkers by shattering some of the commonly held myths about ambers, ales, pilsners, and the like. I have to admit that as much as I enjoy beer, I clearly don't know much about it because some of her points really surprised me. Here are three misconceptions about beer:

  • Myth #1: Dark beers are heavy, strong, and/or high in calories. The shade of the suds has nothing to do with how "heavy" a beer is. Darkly-colored beers can taste sweet or bitter depending on the type, and they aren't necessarily stronger or heavier. The color is simply determined by the method used to roast the grains that go into the beer.

To see two more beer myths,


  • Myth #2: Wheat beers should always be served with lemon. Often, when you order a Hefeweizen or other wheat beer, it will come served with a slice of lemon or other citrus fruit. This is by no means necessary and in fact can interfere with the intended flavor balance of the beer.
  • Myth #3: Light beer is the best option for women who aren't huge beer drinkers. This is purely a marketing ploy. If you don't like beer, don't drink it, but if you are going to drink beer, opting for light results in a negligible difference in calories but a big loss of taste. As Beer 4 Chicks points out, "Budweiser is only 33 calories more than Bud Light. And, get this, you burn that amount of calories by sleeping for a half-hour."

Surprised? Got any beer misconceptions that drive you batty? Share them in the comments below.


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