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We all know that our living spaces can start to feel dull after a while, and, unfortunately, it's not always possible to go on a shopping spree to spice things up. So how do you re-fall in love with your living room on the cheap?

Febreze has three surefire quick (and wallet-friendly) fixes to help you go from wahh waaaah to wonderful.

Feng shui it up: Pick up a feng shui book and spend the afternoon practicing the ancient Chinese system of aesthetics to (hopefully) improve a room by creating positive energy flow.

Organize and then organize some more: It's true, an organized house is a happy house. Tackle one thing at a time, go through the junk drawer (you're never going to use ALL those rubber bands), and get rid of knickknacks that clutter your life.

Change your signature scent: Pick out a sleek Febreze Flameless Luminary to transform your space into a tranquil getaway. Let the Flameless Luminary's inspirational design, romantic light, and unique scent make all the difference!

Changing the slightest thing can make a room feel brand-new. Choose from Febreze's newest home scents from Cranberry Pear to Green Tea to Willow Blossom — you (and your coffee table) won't regret it.

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