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Tip For Making Perfect Pie Dough

Simple Tip: Freeze Butter or Shortening When Making Pie

Currently I'm obsessed with pie. Not only am I baking them, but I've also been researching the art of pie-making. The key to super wonderful flaky crust is very cold ingredients. Since most pie dough recipes have you add cubed butter or shortening to flour, I always make this my first step. I dice the butter or scoop the shortening and place it in a small dish. Then, I put this in the freezer while I prep the flour. It ensures that the fat is completely chilled.

Do you have a secret for making perfect pies? Please share it with us below!

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brindey brindey 7 years
Doogirl, you are brilliant! I hate trying to mix gobs of fat with the flour.
doogirl doogirl 7 years
You can also freeze the butter and then grate it with a cheese grater, just be sure to put it back in the freezer so that it doesn't melt!
soapbox soapbox 7 years
I always keep a stick of vegetable shortening in the freezer for my pie crusts/scones. It also helps to make pie dough in advance and to keep it in the freezer. And when a recipe calls for a graham cracker crust, don't be afraid to branch out to other types of cookies like gingersnaps. Oh, and when making a lattice crust, keep in mind that the pie would dry out faster, so it's best to make the pie the morning of the event and not the night before.
partysugar partysugar 7 years
I will have to try it out!
benheld benheld 7 years
Cook's Illustrated suggests to replace water with VODKA believe it or not. A friend of mine who bakes perfect pies swears by it. Keeps the dough moist without developing gluten. And as someone who's eaten a few pieces of blueberry pie with vodka crust, it's amazing! (and not boozy-tasting)
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