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When living in a small apartment in a big city, it's easy to get discouraged from entertaining. After all, a studio isn't the best place to host a blowout thirtieth birthday for you and your closest 50 friends. However, savvy hostesses know that they can take their party elsewhere, specifically to a beloved bar. It can cost a lot of money to rent out an entire bar or event room, and if you don't have the funds to set up a private space, have no fear! You can still host a party at your favorite watering hole. Want to know how it's done? Find out after the jump.

  • Plan ahead. At least six weeks before the date of your party, make a list of possible locations. A good bar for a party is one that has plenty of space, multiple bars, and lots of seating. The ideal bar will have a somewhat isolated space (an upstairs, communal table, etc.) that you and your friends can take over.
  • Once you've made a list of possible locations, grab a friend and scout them out. Go on the night of the week that you want to throw your party, around the time when your shindig will take place. So, if you want your party to be on a Friday night at 8, go to the bar you hope to host it at on a Friday at 8. You'll get a good idea of the scene and crowd. Can you imagine your friends there?
  • After you've scouted locations, select the one that felt the best to you: the bar where you could see the party happening.
  • Visit the establishment again, but at a slow time, around opening or on a Sunday or Monday evening. Sit down at the bar, order a drink, and talk to the bartender.
  • Explain that you're going to host a party there and that you want to take over part of the space. Don't forget to mention the date! The bartender can answer any questions you have and give you the contact information for the manager or owner.
  • If you want to bring in food or decorations, ask for permission before hand.
  • Let the staff know how big your party will be. If it's going to be really large, they might want to bring in another bar back or bartender.
  • When the location is secure, go about planning the party like you would any other fiesta; send invites, write a menu, create a look, etc.
  • The day of the event, be sure to arrive at the bar early enough to take over the area where you will host the party.
  • Speak with the bouncer and let him know where you are located, so he can point people who ask for your party in the correct direction.
  • After the party clean up the area and leave a generous tip for the bar staff for accommodating you.

Have you thrown a party at a bar? What was your experience like?

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