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Today's Special: Spaghetti Carbonara

Today's Special: Spaghetti Carbonara

Spaghetti carbonara could be my all time favorite pasta dish. It's light and creamy to taste and quick and easy to make. Crisp pancetta, dry white wine, gooey eggs, and melted Parmesan cling to the pasta for a meal that is sheer perfection. The recipe is so simply uncomplicated that even the most elementary of cooks can be successful. Once you have mastered the basic equation don't hesitate to get creative and tweak the sauce to your liking. For example, my dad has modified his carbonara (which is really delicious) with the additions of Italian sausage and fresh parsley. But before I get ahead of myself, have a look at the original recipe,

Spaghetti Carbonara
From Nigella Lawson

1 pound spaghetti
2 cups cubed pancetta rind removed, if you can't find pancetta use bacon or proscuitto
2 teaspoons olive oil
1/4 cup dry white wine or vermouth
4 eggs
1/2 cup freshly grated Parmesan
1/4 cup heavy cream
Freshly ground black pepper
Freshly ground nutmeg

  1. Put a large pan of water on to boil for the pasta.
  2. In another large pan that will fit the pasta later, cook the pancetta cubes in the oil until crispy but not crunchy. Pour over the white wine or vermouth and let it bubble away so that, after a few minutes, you have a small amount of salty winey syrup left. Take the pan off the heat.
  3. In a bowl, beat together the eggs, Parmesan, cream, and pepper.
  4. Cook the pasta according to the packet instructions, but since you want it kept al dente start checking it 2 minutes before end of the recommended cooking time.
  5. When the pasta is done, remove approximately 1/2 cup of the pasta water before draining.
  6. Put the pan with the bacon cubes back on the heat and add the drained pasta, tossing well to coat with the syrupy pancetta.
  7. Take the pan off the heat again and add the eggs and cheese mixture, swiftly tossing everything to mix. Thin with pasta water, if needed.
  8. Grind over some more pepper and grate over the nutmeg to serve.
Join The Conversation
mdjaeda mdjaeda 9 years
This is a staple in the winter. I can't get enough of it when it gets cold outside.
desertbanshee desertbanshee 9 years
I used this recipe for lunch today. I used 3 eggs instead of 4, lots of fresh basil, and gourmet bacon from the market. I admit I was out of white wine. However, my teenagers won't ever know ~ They liked it.
chiefdishwasher chiefdishwasher 9 years
You can also use Italian Sausage instead of the pancetta.
mandiesoh mandiesoh 10 years
lol. i dunno maybe the tons of fat?! LOL! :barf: :barf:
celebrity_soup celebrity_soup 10 years
haha, yr right mandie! whats wrong with that meat? doesnt looks frsh to meeee :P
mandiesoh mandiesoh 10 years
for some reason the picture of the meat is :barf: LOL i still love me some carbonara tho :drool:
luckybelle luckybelle 10 years
I had this (before I saw this post) for dinner on Sunday and it was DELISH!!!
andaman andaman 10 years
i haven't had it for a long time, i think i will make it tomorrow!
celebrity_soup celebrity_soup 10 years
yay! my mom always makes this, its the best! Just last friday we had spaghetti carbonara. yum
Maggie-Mae Maggie-Mae 10 years
Emshaw Emshaw 10 years
Sounds totally delicious!
crispet1 crispet1 10 years
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