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Tom Colicchio Promotes HBO's True Blood With a Vampire Drink

Tom Colicchio Makes a Bloody Good Drink

While I rang in the season premiere of True Blood with a sublime red velvet cookie sandwich, Tom Colicchio was inspiring fans of the show to get in the kitchen as well.

Top Chef's head judge is no newbie to plugging drinks — witness his Diet Coke commercial spot. But on this segment of "The Perspective" with Victoria Davis, he goes above and beyond, making a beverage for fictitious, blood-sucking friends: "I have a few friends that are vampires, and I've had this issue. We go out, and I'm sitting there through appetizer, and entree, and dessert, and they're just kind of nursing a TruBlood," he says. See the video when you


Watch the clip of the celebrated chef below, making a warm "meal in a glass" with sugar snap peas, chicken broth, fennel, favas, spring onions, and beet juice. Would you try making this? Do you find this segment as ridiculous and cheesy as I do?


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wunami wunami 8 years
He doesn't make the drink for his "fictitious, blood-sucking friends". After all, they are drinking blood. He makes it so he can drink his meal while they drink their meal (so it's less awkward than them drinking and you eating multiple courses). I didn't really mind the segment. I do think this recent vampire trend in entertainment seems bleh. Especially all the Twilight fans that take it way too seriously.
Community-Manager Community-Manager 8 years
I have to admit this makes me like Tom a little more! It is totally silly but completely entertaining!
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