While I rang in the season premiere of True Blood with a sublime red velvet cookie sandwich, Tom Colicchio was inspiring fans of the show to get in the kitchen as well.

Top Chef's head judge is no newbie to plugging drinks — witness his Diet Coke commercial spot. But on this segment of "The Perspective" with Victoria Davis, he goes above and beyond, making a beverage for fictitious, blood-sucking friends: "I have a few friends that are vampires, and I've had this issue. We go out, and I'm sitting there through appetizer, and entree, and dessert, and they're just kind of nursing a TruBlood," he says. See the video when you


Watch the clip of the celebrated chef below, making a warm "meal in a glass" with sugar snap peas, chicken broth, fennel, favas, spring onions, and beet juice. Would you try making this? Do you find this segment as ridiculous and cheesy as I do?