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Top 10 Food Trends for 2007

The Institute of Food Technologists (yep such a place exists) has come up with the Top 10 Food Trends for 2007. From upscale at home, to snacking on your own, the 2007 trends are definitely diverse and definitely speak to our ever changing society.

Since the IFT document is actually 39 pages long, I thought I'd help you out by giving you a general overview.

  1. Dining at Home - 75% of people polled said that they preferred to eat in (at least 5 nights a week). They liked this because they thought homemade food to be healthier. However the rise of take out and to-go meals are on the rise too.
  2. Food as Fun - 8 out of 10 diners "trade up" when dining out and splurge on premium, gourmet and exotic foods. Plus, celebrity chefs are just as famous as some movie stars.
  3. Convenient Products - With schedules getting busier and busier, people are looking for fresh, ready-to-eat food such as salads, precut veggies, pouches of tuna, skillet meals, single servings and more.
  4. Food "Sense" - Expect more foods with strong aromas, bigger crunch, crispiness, and freshness.
  5. Kids Rule - Parents are becoming more aware of the growing obesity rate in children. More companies are working on new and healthy snacks created just for kids.
  6. To see the other 5 Food Trends,

  7. Free, Free, Free - I'm talking about fat free, caffeine free, sugar free, gluten free, etc. The market for "free" products has been going strong and continues on for 2007.
  8. Eating Local - The slowfood movement is gaining momentum. People are eating locally, seasonally and are watching their "foodmiles" - the new buzzword that means the number of miles food travels from field to table.
  9. Just What the Doctor Ordered - More than 1/3 of Americans are now basing their food purchases upon advice from their doctors.
  10. Unique Beverages - What have I been telling you guys all along? Flavored waters, innovative teas and new energy sodas are all the rage this year.
  11. Snacky Snacks - Snacks and mini-meals are the biggest trend in the restaurant world. Taco Bell has even launched a campaign promoting the "Fourth Meal" - the one between dinner and breakfast. Plus traditional snacks are changing too, instead of cheese flavor, we'll now have three cheese flavored items.

So what do you guys think of this list? Is there anything you think should be here?

Source: Food Mall

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