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Top 10 Food Trends in 2011

Take a Look at the Year's Top 10 Food Trends

How hip are you to the food world's most current trends? You can find out with a new report published in Food Technology by the Institute of Food Technologists. According to the article, which releases new information based on Gallup and other survey organizations, home entertaining, fried chicken, and self-proclaimed "foodies" are among the biggest fads of today.

Here are some items that surprised me most:

  • Two thirds of consumers call themselves knowledgeable about food. Those aged 25 to 34 are most likely to proclaim themselves foodies.
  • Home entertaining is up, and more people are snacking at home, even bringing their own into the movies.
  • Gen Y-ers tend to gravitate toward salty snacks, heat-and-eat breakfast, and easy meals — whereas their 50-plus parents are cooking from scratch, three times a day.
  • Over half of shoppers surveyed prepared more meals at home in 2010 than in 2009.
  • The ritual of eating three meals a day rose six percent over the past two years. The most likely addition? Breakfast.

It makes sense that breakfast is up, given the competition in fast food breakfast. Are you surprised by any of these survey results?

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Join The Conversation
amber512 amber512 6 years
I'm surprised that the stat is just for people over 50! I make all of my meals myself every day.
Mandy-Harris Mandy-Harris 6 years
I'm surprised that people over 50 are cooking at home three times a day! My parents love to cook, but are way too busy to do it for every meal.
lauren lauren 6 years
They are all really great trends, hopefully even more start changing their eating habits! My favorite stat was this one "Those aged 25 to 34 are most likely to proclaim themselves foodies."
lovesitc1 lovesitc1 6 years
Well, the info is positive and that's always a good thing. Happy to see people caring more about what they put in their mouths/bodies because its consumer demand that drives what the companies are putting on our supermarket shelves.
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