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I must say, I was pretty disappointed that last night's Top Chef was a reunion episode - especially because I had just gotten a good grasp of the S3 contestants names. However, having said that it was sort of fun to see the chefs return. I'll admit, I really liked those S1 folks and was wondering why only Dave, Leann and Harold were there. In addition to those three, four contestants from S2 showed - Cliff, Sam, Ilan and Mikey (Marcel was apparently on a fishing trip) - and five from S3 - Lia, Sandy, Micah, Camille and Clay.

I understand how a show like this is a lot of fun for hardcore viewers, however it sort of knocks the drama out of the competition. I wanna see cooking, I wanna see fire, I wanna see drama! I don't want to see people rolling their eyes, plugs for other Bravo shows (I love Tim Gunn, but really? A question from acclaimed chef Jean Georges I can understand, but from Gunn or the gal from Workout, how is that relevant??), weird montages of Padma's fashion or how chef Tom is adored in the bear community.

Did you watch? What did you think? There were some pretty weird moments on there - my personal favorite came from Micah the "African American" (did you see Cliff's face?!). I just don't understand how anyone thinks they can go on to a reality show and omit/alter/lie about their past. Haven't they ever heard of the internet?!

In related news, did you know that Anthony Bourdain is filling in on Tom Colicchio's blog?

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