I'm going to start off by stating the obvious: There are too many cheftestants in the kitchen. Not only did the quickfire challenge look like a madhouse, but I'm not even sure every contestant received airtime. There are still a few people that make me say "who's that?" (anyone catch the random chef about 35 minutes into the show?), however there are definitely a few personalities that have started to shine through. Also, the food was pretty impressive this time around - things really appear stepped up this season and I can't wait to see what happens next. But before we go on, let's get through last night's recap. To find out what happened and who went home,

Things start off with a citrus quickfire challenge judged by Padma and Norman Van Aken - a Southern Florida authority. The table of ingredients is jampacked with all things citrus: limes, lemons, grapefruits, blood oranges, tangerines, etc. After a quick 30 minutes fly by, the chefs present their food. Surprisingly there are shells and seeds and a lot of unhappy dishes. The winner of the challenge, and the one who is granted immunity, is Hung. CJ and Tre round out the top three and at this point, I'm convinced that Hung & Tre are the ones to watch this season. Perhaps it's due to the selective editing and the fact that we haven't even been introduced to all the chefs yet, but these two are definitely my faves so far.

After the quickfire, the cheftestants are told that they'll be lighting up the bbq for 60 people at an "ultra-glamorous champagne" bbq hosted by Lee Schrager, Miami's star event planner. They're then given $200 each, 30 minutes in the grocery store, 2 hours of prep and 2 hours of bbq'ing time. My favorite part was definitely seeing how several of the contestants didn't even know how to start a bbq.

At this point, based on the editing, I'm convinced that Sarah N. is going home. She bumbles her way around the grocery store, declares that she didn't know how hot peppers were, and comes across as just plain ditzy. To my surprise her Vietnamese BBQ dish landed her into the top three. Along with Micah's Grilled Lamb with Mint Sauce and Brian's episode-winning "Chino Latino" seafood sausage. I must admit, I was really intrigued by this dish, it definitely looked like gourmet bbq - sausage made from shrimp, scallop and seabass?! Sign me up!

So if the people I thought were losers ended up being winners, who ended up being losers? The people I thought were winners? Well, sadly that's exactly what happened. My current fave Tre, who kept tooting his own mad-Texas-skills horn, was in the bottom 4 along with Howie, Sandee and Joey. The four of them go in front of judge's panel and what's this? What's this?? DRAMA! Joey and Howie start with the finger-pointing and the whining. In fact, it starts to really heat up in the stew room and if you enjoy seeing people yell at each other, there are two bonus clips that didn't air.

So who went home? I really thought it was going to be Howie. He barely scraped by last week and made some obvious mistakes this time. However ultimately it was Sandee, who didn't actually bbq anything, who was asked to pack her knives and go.

So what did you guys think of the episode? Do you think the right person went home? Also, have you noticed the product placement? It's a bit heavy-handed, but at least Padma's not repeating the name every 3 seconds. And finally, what did that party guest say to Tre? I rewound the tivo a bajillion times and still couldn't make it out. Did anyone catch it?