It's over! The final episode of Top Chef 5 aired last night and a new cheftestant was named Top Chef. It was an exciting end to the competition. One chef stepped up to the plate, another failed to shine, and the third cracked under the pressure. To see what I thought of the outcome — warning: the winner is announced, so if you don't want to know who is Top Chef, don't click through! If you did watch,


  1. What do you think of the rivalry between Hosea and Stefan?
  2. Is the make-whatever you want challenge too easy or too hard?
  3. Were you disappointed or happy to see the previous contestants as the sous chefs? I was disappointed! I liked it when they had professional chefs as sous chefs.
  4. How did the old contestants look? I remembered Casey being prettier.
  5. Going into the finale, do you think the chefs had an idea of what they would make as their final meal?
  6. Does anyone know the best way to cook alligator? Please enlighten us below!
  7. What on earth happened to Carla? Did Casey inadvertently sabotage her?
  8. When you have a three-course meal do you want one of the courses to be dessert?
  9. Do you think it's fair the winner is selected based on this one meal and not the entire season?
  10. Only 8% of you thought Hosea should win, so how did you feel when Padma named him Top Chef?