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Top Chef 5.14: Season Finale Part 2

It's over! The final episode of Top Chef 5 aired last night and a new cheftestant was named Top Chef. It was an exciting end to the competition. One chef stepped up to the plate, another failed to shine, and the third cracked under the pressure. To see what I thought of the outcome — warning: the winner is announced, so if you don't want to know who is Top Chef, don't click through! If you did watch,


  1. What do you think of the rivalry between Hosea and Stefan?
  2. Is the make-whatever you want challenge too easy or too hard?
  3. Were you disappointed or happy to see the previous contestants as the sous chefs? I was disappointed! I liked it when they had professional chefs as sous chefs.
  4. How did the old contestants look? I remembered Casey being prettier.
  5. Going into the finale, do you think the chefs had an idea of what they would make as their final meal?
  6. Does anyone know the best way to cook alligator? Please enlighten us below!
  7. What on earth happened to Carla? Did Casey inadvertently sabotage her?
  8. When you have a three-course meal do you want one of the courses to be dessert?
  9. Do you think it's fair the winner is selected based on this one meal and not the entire season?
  10. Only 8% of you thought Hosea should win, so how did you feel when Padma named him Top Chef?


Join The Conversation
foudini foudini 8 years
Hosea should have never made it to the finale in the first place. I really couldn't understand that. Stefan should have won and that is undeniable. I agree with others that show history should factor into the final decision. I remember being upset Marcel lost his finale because afterward the judges distinctly said/implied he would ultimately become a better chef than Elan. So why the hell did they give Elan the title? Anyway, I'm glad Hung won his finale! Back to this season: I really could have cared less about Carla's soul theory throughout the show... her food was so unimaginative and basic. That seems like taking the safe road, too. I thought she should have gone home earlier as well. It's a shame Jeff wasn't able to win a second chance. Stefan has nothing to worry about, his caliber is laid out in "black and white" and it's clear who was the better chef between him and Hosea. Very disappointing end. Can't wait until next season!!!
skilledatlife4 skilledatlife4 8 years
1. it wasn't even played up much except by dumb hosea. 2. i think it is a good final challenge. 3. it was annoying because not all of them were equally strong. 4. the same 5. probably 6. no stefan totally got shafted 7. yes casey sabotaged her that was so unfair. 8. yes dessert is good. 9. not at all. 10. f***ing cop out. i'm so mad. hosea couldn't even COOK! he deserved to go WAY earlier but somehow he cruised to the finale because the judges liked the interaction btwn him & leah; it made for good TV in their opinions. but he sucked. i would have been fine with EITHER of the other two.
Roarman Roarman 8 years
1. I thought it made Hosea sound like a whiny, insecure twit. Stefan this, Stefan that. 2. I don't think it's too easy or is it particularly hard. But you still have to provide a well cooked, flavorful dish and a cohesive menu all the while impressing the judges. 3. They always bring back contestants from previous seasons, not shocker there. 4. I wasn't really paying attention to them, but I recognized Richard right away. I like him during his season. 5. No, because they didn't know what the challenge was going to be ahead of time. But every seasoned chef has an arsenal of recipes that they can always turn to and a few things that cook exceptionally well. 6. I do not, probably fried, or in a soup as Stefan prepared it. 7. I believe she just cracked under the pressure. 8. Maybe it's just the way we are programmed, but I think a desert is a nice compliment at the end of a meal. 9. I think for the finale they should look at your performance over the whole season, unless you totally prepare a sh$%astic meal, but if you are in the final three that is probably not going to happen. 10. It should have been Stefan, I liked Carla and she was a strong competitor towards the end, but Stefan was consistent the whole season and to me proved that he was the best in this competition. I honestly believe that Colichio didn't like him and that's why they gave it to the whiny baby Hosea. Who totally didn't deserve it.
ann418 ann418 8 years
Ultress - my opinion of Stefan definitely softened when I saw that too. He was almost crying himself!
rainydaybleus rainydaybleus 8 years
that was such a bad season. i am really disappointed with bravo. in the end carla really hit her stride, so that was kind of exciting. too bad she listened to casey, remember carla, casey was the loser. should not have her let her lead you. i can't get over my disappointment, that season was so bad, and bravo is putting out more chef contest shows out there. errr...i hope the product gets better or else they best pack their knives and go!
Ultress Ultress 8 years
Did anyone else have an instant change of heart about stefan when they saw how bummed he got when he saw carla upset by her imminent loss? he seemed truly to want to comfort her. he seemed to sincere, i was touched. and vomit. hands down the worst finale of any season of top chef. hosea, the most untalented, mediocre, undeserving of any winner.
CiaoBella2 CiaoBella2 8 years
I am in a state of shock.... didn't get to watch the show but will definitely watch a rerun.
shmoo15 shmoo15 8 years
Ugh, Hosea and his chiclet teeth
fashion4ward fashion4ward 8 years
Ugh. I'm so dissapointed Hosea won! I hated him all season, he really didn't deserve it. He was always in by the skin of his teeth and there was nothing more annoying than watching him and Leah together! Stefan (no matter how cocky) really earned the title- no matter how evil Hosea constantly tried to concince us he was. I wanted it to be Carla, though. 2. I'm sick of the "make whatever you want" challenge. It typically ends badly. 8. I would definitely want dessert. 9. SOOO not fair!
eshellmoyer eshellmoyer 8 years
I was shocked that Carla blindly followed Casey's suggestions. There is a reason Casey didn't win her season of Top Chef.
lylpookie lylpookie 8 years
1. There always has to be a rivalry, and I think the boys definitely did have something there, but it was one of respect. 2. Too easy. You knew Hosea was going to go to seafood since he's SUCH a specialist there. 3. I didn't really care either way. I think it was amusing to see Marcel and Stefan though, haha. 4. Marcel's still got the hair...and yes, I agree about Casey looking different. The boyfriend looked at me and said "did she have work done...bad work?" 5. They all should have had an idea. I think they probably did. 6. I've always eaten it fried, but soup sounds delicious! 7. I don't think Casey sabotaged, she's just the kiss of death. Carla just freaked out and lost some confidence, so she relied too heavily on Casey. 8. Yes, I do like to have a "beginning, middle, end" unless I'm super full...but they're not serving big portions there. 9. I understand that it should be based on the one meal, but it doesn't seem fair. 10. I was actually kind of pissed. I wanted anyone but Hosea to win. I don't think he deserved it. He was so middle of the pack for most of the season, and didn't really shine, in my opinion.
Pallas-Athena Pallas-Athena 8 years
Also, I wanted to say that Stefan is really cute and I never really hated him. He is a big sweetheart!!!
Pallas-Athena Pallas-Athena 8 years
1. What do you think of the rivalry between Hosea and Stefan? They are friends in real life. It is just with the competition they get competitive. 2. Is the make-whatever you want challenge too easy or too hard? It is a perfect challenge. I think the other challenges also prove how good you are. Fabio couldn't really cook anything without incorporating Italian flavors into the mix. Hosea can't bake. He should have tried, but it was time to win and it was optional. If he had tried, he would have lost. 3. Were you disappointed or happy to see the previous contestants as the sous chefs? I was disappointed! I liked it when they had professional chefs as sous chefs. Yeah, this challenge was easier because they had the chefs helping them for both days. Didn't last season only allow them to have the chef for one day? Please correct me if I'm wrong. 4. How did the old contestants look? I remembered Casey being prettier. I never liked Casey. I liked Marcel and Richard looked the same. 5. Going into the finale, do you think the chefs had an idea of what they would make as their final meal? Nope. 6. Does anyone know the best way to cook alligator? Please enlighten us below! I believe the Hosea said (or Stefan) to just fry it like chicken. 7. What on earth happened to Carla? Did Casey inadvertently sabotage her? I think that Carla and Casey messed up. Casey could throw out a few suggestions, but she should have mostly shut up. Carla also needs to learn to stand her ground. 8. When you have a three-course meal do you want one of the courses to be dessert? YES!!!!!!!!!! 9. Do you think it's fair the winner is selected based on this one meal and not the entire season? Don't they always do that? I never remember. I think that if they did do it on the entire season then Stefan would have won. Honestly, it really depends on the last challenge in my opinion. 10. Only 8% of you thought Hosea should win, so how did you feel when Padma named him Top Chef? I was angry. He definitely didn't deserve it.
iscuso iscuso 8 years
I have been to Hosea's restaurant many times and the food there is amazing. I come from the Caribbean and this restaurant still has the best fish I've ever had. So needless to say I'm really happy Hosea won and I hope he stays around Boulder! Oh, and I hope Jax doesn't raise its prices too much...
ann418 ann418 8 years
1. I think Stefan kind of picked on Hosea. Throughout the season he was under Hosea's skin, so I kind of understand Hosea having a grudge against him. I'm sure the editing spiced it up a little. 2. I would say too hard, because you don't know what you're up against with the other chefs. But then again, before they came to New Orleans I'm sure they studied and planned these dishes, just in case they had to make them. Recreating one of your best dishes isn't exactly a challenge. 3. I liked the pros much, much better. Plus, they have real advice. There's a reason those people didn't win. 4. Eh. I only really liked Richard. 5. Of course. 6. I've seen it fried. It's a southern meat, and that's what they do to meat! My fiance's family is from the south and EVERYTHING they make is fried! 7. I don't think Casey sabotaged her on purpose, but Carla really should not have listened. As soon as Casey suggested they sous vie the meat I knew Carla was out. People get sent home on challenges where they do unfamiliar things! I understand challenging yourself, but come on, Carla! You know better! That's what bugged me. Carla was SO MUCH BETTER than that. 8. I don't need it, but I also don't mind. 9. I think it should be a little of both column A and B. Take the season into account if you're stuck deciding between two meals. If that was the case, I think Stefan would have won. 10. Well, being from Colorado, I'm excited one of our own chefs won. But he's also a chef at a chain. Well there's two Jax fish houses, but the company owns many other restaurants in Colorado. Is that considered a chain? I've eaten at the Jax in Denver and it was okay. It wasn't great. Oh well, good for Hosea.
Brandi13jrm Brandi13jrm 8 years
So I went to Bravo's website, they have blogs from judges Toby and Gail and an interview with Stefan. Check them out here: Interview with Stefan: Toby's Blog: Gail's Blog:
sweetnspice sweetnspice 8 years
I felt like I was watching the finale of America's Next Top Model where a completely useless and talentless contestant somehow skates through to the top three and the Judges inexplicably choose them as the winner. Although maybe Hosea was actually a talented chef and I was too distracted all season by his cheating on his gf and being all over Leah every episode.
LindseyVIolet LindseyVIolet 8 years
1. I don't really get it. I think it's just for the sake of having a rivalry. 2. I don't think it's either, it's a perfect final challenge. It showcases what the chefs are really capable of. 3. I was cool with it. I mean, former contestants would know how to do it... 4. Not too different, in my opinion... 5. I'm not sure. It didn't really seem like they were TOO prepared, but not totally thrown off guard either. 6. Haha, oh sure! We make it all the time! Mmm, gator nuggets! 7. I think it was a genuine mishap. And it made me sad for her, because she's such a nice person and I wanted her to win. 8. HELL YES! 9. Not at all, it really bothered me :/ 10. I honestly didn't even think he'd be around past like half the season, so I would have been suprised, but going by how everything was turning out, I wasn't. I did think Stefan would have won over Hosea, though.
amers230 amers230 8 years
1. I think it was more Hosea hating/being terrified of Stefan than the other way around. And Hosea flipping the camera off at the end? How low class, that's "Real Housewife" behavior, not "Top Chef" behavior. 2. I can see how it would be difficult, but it is Top Chef. 3. I liked seeing them. Season 2's the only season I haven't really seen so I don't know about Marcel, but I liked seeing Richard and Casey. 4. Richard looked older but hasn't he had a baby since last season? Maybe he's just tired haha. 5. I would hope so 6. I have no idea about how to cook alligator! 7. I think Carla let her nerves get the best of her a bit, but I also think Casey kind of inadvertantly steam-rolled her. Casey already had her chance at the finals, and considering how she crashed and burned at her own, she should have just done whatever Carla asked her to. I liked her from her season but that totally changed my opinion of her unfortunately. 8. Yes, I think a three-course meal should end with a dessert. I'm so tired of hearing these chefs say "I don't do desserts." Umm, you're supposed to be a chef, you should be able to cook all courses. 9. I don't know, I've never had a problem with the judging only being on the last meal before, but this season I thought it should have taken into consideration the entire season. Stefan was the best chef overall, he should have won. 10. I was pissed when Hosea won. He seems really immature and it seems he has been in the bottom more than he was in the top. I kind of hoped Carla would be the dark horse and take it all, but I def. thought Stefan was the best of the entire bunch and should have taken it. I hope Hosea goes back to his place in Colorado and stays there.
divinelight divinelight 8 years
If I was making the best meal of my life, I would not throw together a plate of raw fish. Everything else Hosea made looked great, but that one dish....meh. Wish Carla had been stronger and fought for her food instead of letting Casey influence her. And I agree with Buzz, why wasn't Hosea better with fish when he works in a seafood restaurant?
Entertainment Entertainment 8 years
I don't think Casey sabotaged Carla intentionally, but remember how Casey was totally the Black Widow of her season? Anyone who gets too close to her gets eliminated! I also got a laugh out of her suggesting that Carla do her steak sous vide, because isn't that basically what Hung did every challenge in Casey's season? Carla should have listened to her own voice, and she knew it. I think the most disappointing thing to me is that it really does come down to how you perform in one challenge — the judges really didn't take the season into account at all. I understand that, but it makes me wonder why I watch the whole season! And it does bug me that Hosea doesn't seem to be great at preparing fish, which is supposedly his specialty. He's fine at other things, but the judges always seemed to pick apart his fish work. If he opens a seafood place, I doubt I'd eat there.
sandy82 sandy82 8 years
1. I didn't think about this until someone mentioned Hosea's obsession with Stefan. I don't know if it's editing or what, but Hosea can't go through an episode without making a dozen comments about Stefan. So weird and by the finale, it was annoying. 2. I always think the make whatever you want challenge will be easier but the chefs manage to goof it up. Maybe structure is better. 3.. I liked how in the past season (or was it before) when the professional chefs were the sous chefs. 4. Marcel looked cute with facial hair. Richard and Casey looked the same to me. 5. I'm sure they did. 6. No Idea 7. I've never liked Casey. UGH. She was so damn annoying when she was a contestant and as a sous chef she should have kept her mouth shut. Carla was vulnerable and unsure and so she took Casey's suggestions to heart. Casey should have kept her mouth shut. 8. I've been to a lot of restaurants where they're a 3 (or whatever) course meal and then the dessert is separate. 9. It has to be that way. They evaluated Richard and Stephanie the same way last season. It's sad though because Hosea shouldn't have made it to top 3. I think Jeff deserved it more. 10. I felt super bitter when Padma named him Top Chef. I'm not watching this show anymore. Stefan and Carla deserved it more. As an aside I just want to mention that I've never really liked Stefan, but I thought it was very sweet of him to console Carla when she was crying. And he shucked oysters for her when she was running out of time. He kind of redeemed himself.
onion-waffle onion-waffle 8 years
Stefan certainly was jerky at times, but it is interesting reading some of the comments about him from his fellow cheftestants. For example, Jamie said he's a great guy and they're still friends. Also, I was really touched by how sweet he was to Carla when she was breaking down at the final judges' table round. I think he may have been slightly trying to cover his own emotions, but he was still very sweet to her. I was shocked, and it made me like him a little more.
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
1. boys will be boys - that's about all that i can say 2. well - i think that it's a bit easier since you are more in your comfort zone, but of course we know that they all want to impress the judges and don't always do what they are good at 3. i liked the way that last year was done - it's nice to have someone that's really up there in the industry as your co-worker. makes you step up your game. 4. yea..she kind of reminded me of cat cora last night (not that it's a bad thing necessarily) 5. i'm sure they did. how can you not go into it with a menu or selection of dishes to make 6. in florida i remember seeing it at a lot of places, although i would NEVER eat it myself 7. i don't think that casey meant to, but i think that carla should have stood her ground more. casey just wanted her chance again at the finals i think. 8. When you have a three-course meal do you want one of the courses to be dessert? 9. well - i think that it's always been done challenge by challenge, but on all other reality shows, it's a composite of the season, so that's what they should have done. (although that prob would have meant that stephan would have won and i would have been sad) 10. eh..i'm just happy that it wasn't stephan once carla was knocked out of the running.
jessr1214 jessr1214 8 years
i am really sad hosea won. and i know stefan is really cocky and everything, but he does actually seem like he can be a nice guy. he was the one that went to carla when she was crying, and like someone else mentioned he has been willing to help others. though i do think hosea did the best job last night, i think they should consider the season as a whole when deciding who wins. there were a bunch of times leading up to this that i thought hosea should have left, and i'm still disappointed that fabio wasnt in the top three...overall, i'm bitter.
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